• Certificates

    Certificates play a crucial role in the textile industry as they guarantee the quality, sustainability and safety of textile products. In a world where consumers are becoming more conscious shoppers and more critical of environmental impacts, certificates have become an important tool to build trust and monitor compliance with standards. Whenever possible, we opt for sustainable and certified options - for example by using recycled cashmere, recycled cotton, Lyocell and Eco Vero Viscose. We try to source our animal fibers from certified ethical breeding suppliers.

    Mulesing is the removal of the skin around the tail of sheep without pain and is unfortunately a common procedure in the fashion industry to prevent infestation with fly maggots (myiasis). Since AW 24/25 we only use mulesing-free certified wool.

    Leather Working Group
    As a matter of principle, we only work with partners who are part of the Leather Working Group. The Leather Working Group is a non-profit organization responsible for the world's leading environmental certification of the leather manufacturing industry. It works on sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impact of leather production. Our partners are members of the Leather Working Group and are awarded at least a "Silver" rating, but usually the highest "Gold" rating. The leather we use is certified to high environmental standards, its origin is traceable and it is a verifiable waste product from the food industry. It is also chrome-free tanned, which means it has been treated with vegetable and synthetic substances to give it its soft, supple surface and make it durable. Although this process is considerably more cost-intensive than conventional chrome tanning, it is also much more environmentally friendly.

    GOTS, Better Cotton, OEKO TEX
    Some of the materials we use are already GOTS, BCI or OEKO TEX certified. However, before we can publicly certify the end products, the entire supply chain must be checked. We are continuously working to fulfill all conditions step by step and to combine sustainability, quality and design within our label.