care instructions

The best way to ensure that your clothes last a lifetime is to look after them properly. All our garments come with a care label with instructions on how best to care for them. This prevents your clothes from being damaged during washing.

hand wash

Not all textiles can be washed in the washing machine - unfortunately! Many of our styles are hand wash only. Typical candidates for hand washing are wool, leather and silk garments. Many washing machines today offer gentle hand washing or wool washing programs. Whether or not you trust these programs is up to you to decide. You are on the safe side if you prefer hand washing.


The right hand wash

First you run warm water in the sink or in the bathtub. The water temperature should be around 30 degrees. Now add the detergent and stir to ensure that it is completely dissolved and distributed. The correct dosage can be found in the manufacturer's instructions for the detergent.

In the next step you put the laundry in the prepared water. Wool and silk should only be moved a little in the water. The more delicate a piece of clothing, the shorter the soaking time.

After the actual washing, the rinsing takes place and you should also proceed as gently as possible, ie do not wring out the clothes or press them too hard. When the rinsing water is clear, the laundry is carefully removed.

Less delicate clothes can be hung to dry. Wool, on the other hand, needs special treatment: it is rolled in a towel, then carefully pulled into shape and dried lying down.


The right care

The right detergent is also important to ensure that your clothes last a lifetime. Here we have put together a selection of our favorites for you.

Kaëll Kashmirliebe - detergent for cashmere & wool

  • cleans and cares for all wool fibers and down

  • reduces annoying pilling

  • suitable for washing machines in the wool cycle at 30°C

  • gives the fibers new volume

  • imparts a gentle fragrance

  • particularly skin-friendly, based on natural raw materials


Kaëll Hautnah - detergent for silk & viscose

  • specially developed for silk and viscose

  • " repairs" even roughened silk fibers

  • does not contain any enzymes that attack the protein fiber

  • particularly skin-friendly, based on natural raw materials


Kaëll Leineweber - Detergents for cotton & linen

  • strong against stains

  • gentle on sensitive skin

  • economical in consumption

  • Based on natural raw materials