• Material and fabric selection

    We use natural materials for our yarns and fabrics, preferably from suppliers in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Turkey. Whenever possible, we opt for sustainable options - for example, by using recycled cashmere, recycled cotton, Lyocell and Ecovero viscose. We select materials and fabrics in a variety of ways. Visits to trade fairs are an important source of inspiration for woven and jersey. Our agents and production partners are also passionate about helping us with the selection process.
    When sourcing our materials, we also try to work with the same manufacturers for as long as possible and source materials from the respective countries of production, or alternatively from Europe.
    Each item of clothing is made up of a large number of components and goes through a very long production chain. Ideally, as many components as possible can be obtained from one source and are then only assembled by one manufacturer. However, this is not always possible in order to do justice not only to the look, but also to the feel and durability of our styles.

    From AW 24/25, we will be working with a German fabric dealer for the logo lining of our coats. The location in Germany and the quality standards have completely convinced us. The fabrics are woven and certified at various locations in Europe.

    We source our buttons from Portugal. We use stone nut buttons for the majority of our styles. Alternatively, we work with buttons made from recycled plastic with a horn look to avoid the use of real horn. We have also visited and inspected these production facilities and are in regular contact with our partners.