SS 2020

New online store, new branding, new country of production and the largest collection to date. With our relaunch in summer 2020, we took the next step as a team. Our first collection comprises 17 styles and was produced exclusively in Italy. We are very grateful that we were able to complete our launch in spring despite the adversities of recent weeks and months.

In addition to high quality and natural materials, our general aim in developing the collection is above all to make it suitable for everyday wear. Our styles are wearable, timeless and yet in tune with the times. We want women to feel empowered, confident and beautiful in our products. In order to live up to this claim, responsible handling in the production chain is also very important to us. With our production site in Italy and the use of natural and partially certified and recycled fibers, we aim to act as sustainably as possible.

The SS20 collection consists of light and flowing fabrics through the use of linen, wool, viscose and silk. The collection can be mixed and matched in terms of both materials and colors.

With our magazine, we want to regularly share inspiration, background information and our passion for high-quality fashion with you.

We want to show you who we are and what inspires us. True to our slogan made for you with love.

by Aylin Koenig


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