FW 2020/2021

AW 20/21 by Aylin Koenig

the friendship collection

A collection that every woman can wear.

A collection that can be combined with each other.

A collection that underlines our basic idea once again through the choice of colors.

The AW 20/21 collection by Aylin Koenig is all about friendship. This is reflected not only in the timeless and durable designs, which can be easily combined with each other, but also in the selection of models for this season. For the campaign shoot, Aylin asked her close friends Lena Lademann and Liberta Haxhikadriu to stand in front of the camera with her, making it a very special and emotional experience.

By using high quality materials such as wool, recycled cashmere, alpaca, viscose, silk and lyocell, we were able to create a sophisticated mix of textures that make our collection comfortable but also elegant to wear for a variety of occasions. The new collection includes comfortable pants, voluminous sweaters and cardigans, cozy tops and special dresses. A mix of winter coziness, relaxed silhouettes and everyday chic. Thanks to our calm and natural color palette, all pieces in the collection can be easily combined with each other.

Natural materials and colors as well as high quality are an important part of our brand identity. We choose our materials consciously and try to use 100% natural fibers. The few synthetic fibers we use, such as viscose or lyocell, are made from plant cellulose. As we produce exclusively in Italy, we also source most of our fabrics from Italy or Europe. For knitwear, we only use Italian yarns. Our goal is to create high-quality garments that last, like a good friendship.

We hope you like the friendship collection as much as we do.

made for you with love,

by Aylin Koenig

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