FW 2021/2022

Just in time for the end of summer, we have launched the first part of our new fall/winter 2021/2022 collection. We have remained true to ourselves and our brand identity during product development, as we have placed a strong focus on knitwear, taking into account existing bestsellers such as PARIS and SOHO. The colors and cuts of our styles are timeless and minimalist, and there are numerous possible combinations and interpretations within the collection. Pink and yellow tones have also been added to create targeted color accents and eye-catching styles.

For the first time, the fall/winter collection also includes outerwear in the form of coats and jackets. This is characterized by the use of high-quality wool, the natural treatment without chemical additives and the decision in favour of natural, undyed shades. Once again, all of our products are exclusively 'made in Italy' and some of them are even officially certified to underline their sustainable production.

The campaign pictures were taken in our Hamburg store, where all styles can also be purchased in-store. We always try to depict a comprehensive size set and to focus on the cozy oversized character of the collection. Whether you're style-conscious in the office, relaxed in the home office or casual for dinner: our 'timeless circle collection' is a mix of high-quality knitwear styles with that special something for every occasion.

We hope to inspire you with our new products and expand your closet in a targeted and conscious way.

Made for you with love,

by Aylin Koenig

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